WATCH: Kenosha Rioters Beat an Elderly Man Unconscious… for Attempting to Protect His Business

Beth Baumann

Beth BaumannWATCH: Kenosha Rioters Beat an Elderly Man Unconscious... for Attempting to Protect His Business

Riots broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. There have been conflicting reports about what happened on the ground. According to the Associated Press, witnesses said officers were yelling at Blake to drop a knife before they fired their service weapons. 

Not only did rioters set garbage trucks on fire, but one even went so far as to pull a gun on a reporter from BlazeTV. According to our own Julio Rosas, who is on the ground in Kenosha, small business owners are feeling the impact of the riots. Armed citizens stepped up to help defend businesses from being set ablaze and vandalized.

We knew the people responsible for this chaos and destruction were unhinged, but things took another drastic turn. An elderly business owner tried keeping rioters from burning and looting his business. What did they do in return? Turned around and punched him until he was unconscious. From the look of the video, the man hit his head on concrete stairs when he fell.

How many more people need to get hurt, how many more businesses need to be destroyed, before the Left condemns these so-called “peaceful protestors”? How many more cities need to turn to chaos and be destroyed before Democrats realize there’s a problem?

These business owners didn’t ask for Jacob Blake to be shot. They didn’t partake in the shooting. Why are they paying the price? Simply because they exist?

We, as Americans, should all be able to agree that this destruction is not the answer. It doesn’t solve the issue at hand. It just compounds the problem.

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