Why That Letter Portland’s Mayor Sent to Trump Just Blew Up in His Face

Matt Vespa

Matt VespaWhy That Letter Portland's Mayor Sent to Trump Just Blew Up in His Face

Wheeler literally told the president to “stay away.” And now, leftists have reportedly stormed the apartment complex where he lives, and they will not leave until he abolishes the police department by 2022 and resigns from office. It wasn’t a massive horde, but now that these folks know where he lives—expect more of these shenanigans. 

Teddy, that letter was stupid. Your mayoralty is a joke. And federal law enforcement in your city didn’t make the situation worse. We’re not all on crack here. This is your fault. First, it’s like governance 101 to never cave to the mob. They don’t care about you—they see you as part of the system and want you gone. They want the system gone. This is no longer about George Floyd, police reform, or racial justice. This is about Marxist revolution. But you sent a letter to show the Left how anti-Trump you are, Teddy. Well, good for you. It’s Portland. That really doesn’t earn you brownie points here, pal. 

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