The Most Pathological Liar’ in Politics

Glenn Greenwald Rips ‘The Most Pathological Liar’ in Politics and Other Dems for Burying Hunter Biden Fiasco

Matt Vespa

Matt Vespa@mvespa1|Posted: Nov 14, 2020 4:45 AM  Share  TweetGlenn Greenwald Rips 'The Most Pathological Liar' in Politics and Other Dems for Burying Hunter Biden Fiasco

Source: AP Photo/Nick Wass

Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop for repairs in 2019 and never picked it up. it contained a lot of dirty laundry regarding shady business deals, which involved former Vice President Joe Biden, his father, and others. Joe said he didn’t know about his son’s dealings. That was exposed as a lie. The New York Post first reported on this trove of emails and immediately faced the wrath of Facebook, Twitter, and Big Tech; Twitter froze them out for at least a week. It showed that Joe was well-aware of his son’s Burisma arrangement and met with executives of that Ukrainian energy firm. Hunter got that gig in 2014 when papa Joe was spearheading our policy efforts in the country, one of which was anti-corruption. Hunter got $50,000/month to sit on their board. He had no experience in energy but was allegedly there to sell access to top Obama officials, like his dad. From these emails, it was also clear that they expected protections from stuff like a legal probe, which was happening at this time. What happened? Well, Joe fired the prosecutor looking into Burisma when he…threatened to withhold aid to the country.

Regarding China, there was a deal that fell through with CEFC China Energy that has ties to the communist regime. No shocker. This deal got off the ground when Joe was still VP. In an equity arrangement pitch, Joe was slated to get a 10 percent stake. He was referred to as “big guy” in these emails, which was confirmed by former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski. The deal collapsed in 2017, but the Bidens still got paid by the Chinese—some $10 million, half of which was viewed as a “personal loan.” It seems Joe used the office of the vice presidency to enrich his family, seemingly went rogue on American foreign policy to protect his son and the family’s economic interests, and was totally fine with getting paid first and asking questions later, even if those deals involved firms with ties to rival governments. It’s a national security issue. It’s a corruption issue. And no one talked about it. No one. Democrats ignored it. the liberal media ignored it, and when they did talk about it—they recycled Russian interference narratives that were total and utter garbage. The laptop is real. The emails are genuine. We have the receipts. And why would Bobulinski lie to the FBI; he was interviewed by the bureau on this by the way. Glenn Greenwald is no conservative, but he’ll also call out Democrats and liberals for peddling outright lies as well. He was forced to resign from the publication he co-founded, The Intercept, because its editorial crew wanted him to edit out all the anti-Biden text he had regarding his piece on this story. Now on Substack, Greenwald torched Democrats and the media for ignoring the Hunter Biden fiasco, while also taking special aim at someone who he calls the biggest pathological liar in American politics: Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) (via Fox News):

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took aim Thursday at the mainstream media, top Democrats, and former members of the intelligence community for dismissing the explosive Hunter Biden controversy as “Russian disinformation” without actually backing up their claim. 


Greenwald began by slamming “shameless pathological liar” Rep. Adam Schiff as well as CNN for an Oct. 16 interview reacting to the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s emails that allegedly came from his laptop. 

“[Wolf Blitzer] asked him a rhetorical question embedded with baseless assumptions: ‘does it surprise you at all that this information Rudy Giuliani is peddling very well could be connected to some sort of Russian government disinformation campaign?'” Greenwald wrote Thursday. “Schiff stated definitively that it is: ‘we know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin,’ adding: ‘clearly, the origins of this whole smear are from the Kremlin, and the President is only too happy to have Kremlin help in amplifying it… ‘there it is in the Oval Office: another wonderful propaganda coup for Vladimir Putin, seeing the President of the United States holding up a newspaper promoting Kremlin propaganda.”


The former Intercept editor then blasted the “‘more than 50 former senior intelligence officials'” who co-signed a letter declaring that they believe Hunter Biden’s emails had “‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,’” a list he noted included former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, both of whom he accused of being known liars. 

“With these ex-CIA officials and their servant Adam Schiff disseminating this narrative into U.S. public, both the Biden campaign and their captive media outlets began asserting this rank speculation as truth,” Greenwald said. “They did so despite the fact that even the intelligence officials were cautious enough to acknowledge: ‘We want to emphasize that … we do not have evidence of Russian involvement’ — a rather crucial fact that numerous outlets omitted when laundering this CIA propaganda and which the Biden campaign and Adam Schiff completely ignored when treating the claims as proven truth.”

Greenwald added that Joe Biden remained protected by the liberal media, which was their goal from the start of this election. If anything, this story deserves a special counsel investigation. This storydeserves a ton of scrutiny. This story is engulfed in allegations of family corruption. This story is everything the liberal hopes is true about Donald Trump. Alas, just another day of the Democrat-media complex upholding the two sets of rules doctrine for Democrats and Republicans. The GOP get slammed for unsubstantiated gossip and innuendo, while Democrats can lie, cheat, and steal all their way to the Oval Office. 

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