Acts of Treason

General Thomas McInerney Says the President Must Take Action Now Against Acts of Treason Through Executive Order and Insurrection Act

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Live from Georgia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed General Tom McInerney to the show who urged the president to claim a national emergency regarding acts of treason through cyber war and let the American people know the seriousness of the situation immediately.

Fredericks: Let’s get to General Thomas McInerney. General McInerney great to have you with us here on The John Frederick’s Show again. Thank you for joining us. We understand that you’ve got some new information on these Dominion voting machines sir.

McInerney: Well I’ve got some new information, John. And by the way, you’re doing the Lord’s work. Thank you and God bless you. You’re leading the media on this to be down in Georgia and uh look at that and the recap because the answer is going to be the same if we let them use the same techniques that they used in the national election. After listening to the president yesterday I’m making some very bold statements but they’re important.

We are not talking about fraudulent voting acts. But what we are talking about John is treason. when you coordinate six to ten states using cyber warfare to change the outcome these are treasonous acts. They’re not dirty deeds or fraudulent voting. They’re treasonous acts punishable by death. They are trying to take over our government. When you use cyber warfare as were as you’ve seen in the Dominion voting systems as well as the CIA rogue systems that they’ve used Hammer and Scorecard which we’ve talked about.

In addition, you have no FBI or DOJ prior investigation to my knowledge. And finally, the cyber-warfare infrastructure and security agency headed up by a guy by the name of Chris Krebs was saying it was the perfect election. No discrepancies. he’s got to be an idiot. But most of all he’s guilty of treason. And the president fired him. He is part of the cabal that has created this major attack, this major warfare and it is warfare. It’s hybrid warfare in the 21st century using cyber warfare and other techniques to change a government without a shot being fired. And that’s what is so serious about this.

And getting those dominion voting machines and impounding them before they change the software is extremely important. Now what I believe the president should do is he should declare today a national emergency and declare a state of emergency using his executive order dated September 12, 2018, declaring a national emergency if there’s foreign influence. Because we know there is Chinese, Russian, and Iranian influence on this election. And he should use that and he should suspend habeas corpus just as Lincoln and FDR did when they met national tragedies in emergencies like this.

The democratic perpetrators as well as the Russians the Chinese and the Iraqis have not disguised this cyber war on America. it’s blatant. We should start arresting them now. This is serious. Let’s not call this fraudulent activity it’s treason John in the 21st-century modern hybrid warfare. We must suspend the electoral college and the inauguration on the 20th of January until we get this resolved.

And with that executive order that he’s got plus the Insurrection Act he has the authority to do this. This is very serious. People must understand what’s happened. This nation’s government is being stolen and it’s not through some small criminal acts. It’s through treasonous acts. And I would also declare Martial Law. It won’t affect the American people except for those people like Antifa and BLM that are going to start rioting once they know they’ve been had.

They know they’ve been had. What they’re surprised is that the mainstream media except for people like you John are ignoring it. Fox News ignored it. Finally, they had a little bit on it today. But if it wasn’t for Newsmax and One America Network on the television side we’d have nothing. So I’m saying American people let’s rise up.

Let’s set up military tribunals. This judicial system we have is corrupt. It’s slow-moving. The founding fathers had never heard of cyber-warfare but they had heard of the oath that we take to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. They knew about domestic enemies. And that’s what the president is facing.

So wake up America! We’ve got to get this thing rolling. The president has got to demand a thorough investigation of these elections using his executive order that was promulgated in September of 2018 and suspend all actions until it is thoroughly investigated. Everybody should demand the president to do this. We cannot proceed on because they quit being covert. This is blatant outright crookery and cheating and it’s a treasonous activity, John.

Fredericks: General, what do you actually think happened to get you so to the point where you want the president to do these series of executive orders? What exactly do you think happened with these Dominion machines?

McInerney: Well we know John they’ve been used before and they programmed them. And that’s why when you see the vote counts when you see the voting for instance in five of the states at 2:30 am in the morning eastern standard time. TV broadcast reported that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia had decided to cease both counting operations and will continue the following day.

What happened was a unanimous decision by five battleground states is unprecedented and demonstrated pre-coordination. Now in that, they were changing the voting machine somewhat because the voting for President Trump was overwhelming. And it was outside their norms and so they had to change things that’s why they had to have this delay at 2:45 am.

And then when the numbers came in as you saw in Michigan 138,000 votes came in at 0-400. And all those other states had similar numbers. In addition in Pennsylvania on the mail-in ballots which everybody knew was going to be a problem, the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania sent out the state 1.8 million to their citizens. John, they got back 2.5 million. Now, who was running the printing press to get another 700,000 votes into the system? That’s like you got 50,000
football tickets and 80,000 people show up.

Fredericks: But General you know I heard that on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and a lot of people were traveling that day getting ready you know for Thanksgiving with their family. They had other things going on. But I mean that was one of the things that came out of that hearing in Pennsylvania that there were 1.8 million absentee ballot applications.

There were 2.5 million absentee ballots cast. That’s a 700 000 difference which is you know basically the margin that dropped in when Trump had the 800,000 vote lead. Why hasn’t this been picked up on every major network? Why is anybody even asking a question how do you get 700,000 ballots in the system that never got mailed out? Like how do you do that General?

McInerney: If you’re a crook and if you’re creating treason and that’s how you do it. If you’ve got a printing press they crank them out. I saw a photo of a kind of a big laundry thing they pushed around full of ballots and they hadn’t even been folded, John. They hadn’t even been folded. And so they were driving trucks up and so the scale of this cyber warfare and this treason was so huge that they had a lot of people involved. And when you have so many people involved you say, well my goodness, the FBI must have been tracking that. But what have we heard from Christopher Wray?

Fredericks: Nothing.

McInerney: What have we heard from the attorney general?

Fredericks: Nothing. Crickets.

McInerney: So all of a sudden you wonder why I’m getting worked up and I listened to the president and he confirmed that he hadn’t heard anything from the FBI or the DOJ. And that’s why I believe we’ve got to move this into military tribunals because our current court system is not designed our current election system and the inauguration and the electoral college in that was not designed with cyber warfare in mind the president has got to declare this a national emergency.

He has the authority and the executive order and the Insurrection Act. He must act and that’s why I believe we’ve got to get the American people sending in to and tweeting to the president, take action Mr. President. Create a national emergency. Let’s resolve this. Look these perpetrators are the same ones that created the Russian hoax. It wasn’t a hoax. That was also treason against the government. Trying to create a coup d’etat impeachment. The same people are involved, John. The president has got to let the American people know.

The president probably had 85 to 87 million people that voted for him. Because I believe he’ll probably get 30 or 40 million Democrats that voted for Biden but they don’t want a crooked system. This will be the last election we ever have and it’s going to happen down in Georgia if they do not cut off the Hammer and Scorecard and those machines. They have to monitor and watch very carefully, or we are going to have the same outcome. It doesn’t matter how many Republicans show up…

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