Mission Statement

A few decades back, the trend for any organization of any size was to adopt the successful military tactic of developing a “mission statement” and posting it for all to see, so there would be little doubt as to what the objectives are.

With the above in mind, having been a proud member of both our military and our “Fortune 100” business community and understanding the importance of this; I want to take a bit of space here to state our purpose and our goal. 

Our mission is simply to research and report on the good, the bad and the ugly. To that end we will feature information about those individuals or organizations whose history, activities and their stated goals demonstrate that they are true patriots and worthy of our admiration and support.

As equally important, we will present information concerning those individuals and organization who have proven by their history, activities and their statements that their aim is to weaken our society to a point where they will be able to obtain control, make everyone dependent upon them and eliminate individual freedom and prosperity.

We will attempt to only use the most credible of sources to obtain and present our information, much of which will be gathered from noted experts in a particular field of study or an actual participant in an event.

We will also use opinion pieces written by those editorial writers who  have proven to have not only done their own research but their own thinking before forming their opinions, rather than mouthing someone else’s talking points or the mindset of their employers or benefactors.

We will do this regardless of the political affiliation, the race, color or creed of the subject and we will not be inhibited in carrying out this mission by any politically correct or spurious criticism intended to inhibit us from publishing what we believe is true and accurate information.

That said we reserve the right and will so inform the reader if an article or a report is of questionable origin but is worth consideration and might be accurate.

In summation, our goal is to share with our readers the facts that we find from unimpeachable sources on whatever subject we present; along with the knowledge that unlike other sources that may be and probably are influenced by their media contemporaries, their companies sponsors, advertisers or organizations or individuals such as George Soros or his ilk. Plain and simply we are indebted to no one for the production and distribution of this material except for the patriots whose content we use. To them we give our thanks and appreciate for our shared goal of trying to keep the American public informed of the evil forces that are today more than ever trying to destroy the great American Dream.