Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter

We need to stop pretending that the group “Black Lives Matter” gives a damn about the lives of black people, police brutality, or anything other than hammering huge corporate checks and electing Democrats. This sham of focusing on a dozen or so instances of unarmed black people killed by police (many of whom had cars as weapons) is an insult to the thousands of black lives snuffed out every year by other black people. If you care about black lives you don’t ignore the pile of bodies that could stretch around the globe, which is exactly what everyone marching, rioting, and dancing in the streets are doing. It’s pretty sick.

It’s a great marketing gimmick – come up with a slogan that is basic, simple, and no one disagrees with it. It’s harder to do than you’d think, people make a lot of money doing it. But for every “Where’s the beef?” there are a million “What beer drinkers drink when they’re not drinking beer.” “Black Lives Matter” is brilliant in its simplicity, which is why it works and why leftists latched onto it. But it’s a fraud.

If black lives mattered to Black Lives Matter, with the kind of resources they’re raking in, the amount of good they could do would be immeasurable. Community watch organizations could be started, diversion programs, education initiatives, and rewards could be offered for information leading to the arrest of any of the murderers of any of the thousands, especially black children, killed in cities across the country. 

Of course, they wouldn’t do that because it would involve the police and sending people to jail, and they don’t want the police to exist or anyone in prison. Plus, and this is the main reason, it wouldn’t help Democrats. 

These Marxists are getting rich perpetrating the greatest fraud on the American public since Bernie Madoff, only it’s all legal. Titans of industry, professional athletes, some of the most powerful politicians in the country are bowing to these anti-American opportunists and treating them like they’ve really hit on something…mostly because they have. Money. 

How much have they raised and where is it going? Who knows? When wrapped in “social justice,” no one seems to care. It’s all conveniently funneled through the Democratic Party’s fundraising apparatus “ActBlue,” so it’s unlikely anyone will bother to ask. 

The media is too busy pretending they’re legitimate, that there’s some epidemic of police murders and brutality against black people to even accidentally question anything about the group. Plus, why would they? No one bothered to ask about steroids when an average hitter started belting homeruns after putting on 40 pounds of muscle in the off-season, they were all on the same team. 

When Don Lemon insisted Black Lives Matter didn’t say anything about the scores of murdered black people because they were explicitly an organization against police brutality, he was speaking for the entire left-wing establishment. Either they’re ignorant or liars – neither option matters. 

The group has involved itself in everything from supporting illegal immigration to denouncing the existence of Israel, the idea that they can’t be bothered to work to prevent murders of the very people their existence claims to care about is simply stupid.

The only explanation is that they don’t care about black lives. Much like when the environmental movement morphed from global cooling to global warming and now the catch-all “climate change,” the “solution” leftists proposed remained the same – bigger government, more regulation, higher taxes, etc. The “movement” of Black Lives Matter is a convenient delivery device for a leftist agenda of wealth redistribution, socialized medicine, prison depopulation, and greater government control.

None of this is by accident, none of it is grassroots. Its leaders are “trained Marxists.” That they would be an appendage of the Democratic Party makes sense. The party that uses school shootings to dust off and market gun control legislation they’ve long wanted, or coronavirus pandemic emergency spending to shovel money to their donors and allies has long showed us who they were. Did anyone really think they wouldn’t use anything they could paint as racist as cover for their socialistic economic agenda? 

Democrats need cover for their generations of indifference toward the black community. They have exclusively presided over the destruction of majority black cities, the education of black children, and the disintegration of the black family, not to mention subsidizing and cheering the extermination of millions of black lives in the womb. 

Democrats need to convince people they’re the defenders of black lives to distract from how they and their policies have ruined them. But to Democrats, black lives don’t matter. The mob in the street, all those white college girls screaming at black police officers about how they don’t understand this or that about racism, to the people looting and destroying businesses or trying to burn down buildings, they don’t give a single damn about black lives. And “Black Lives Matter”? They care that the checks clear, their merchandise sells, and Democrats win. And all of them hope no one notices the truth before November.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!), host of a daily radio show on WCBM in Maryland, and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the masses. Follow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter and on Parler at @DerekHunter.

Woke Vs. Racist: What’s the Difference?

Woke Vs. Racist: What’s the Difference?

There’s a great comedy video that went viral this week pointing out the similarities between the woke set and racists. Like all good comedy, it’s funny because it’s true. If you watch any of these Black Lives Matter “protests” you notice one big thing: they’re mostly young white people. Yes, the leaders of the organization “Black Lives Matter” are black, they’re also rich, racist Marxists busy counting piles of money, but the people attacking police officers are mostly white. Listening to the rioters, pundits, politicians, and reporters you notice something odd: they all seem to believe black people are incapable of succeeding without their help. This used to be called the “white savior complex,” now it’s simply called “progressive.”

President George W. Bush famously and correctly called what liberals were doing to minority students in education “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” He was right then; now the left has stepped up their game and fully hardened that bigotry. 

The idea that someone can’t succeed in America because of their skin color, gender, whatever, is as stupid as it is bigoted. Weirdly, it seems to always be espoused by people who’ve “somehow” beaten the odds. How many times have you seen a black Ivy League professor on TV talking about “systemic racism”? How’d they get a tenured, high six-figure gig, book deals, speaking engagements, and a cable news contributor contract in such a rigged system? 

They never answer that question because the only people who’d ask it of them are their colleagues on TV and they’re on the same team. But the answer is obvious: they worked for it; they earned it. 

The woke crowd doesn’t want minorities to realize that, and neither do racists. Both want to keep people down because it serves their needs.

Racists want segregation; wokesters want segregation too. One in the name of bigotry, one in the name of “tolerance.” Does the motive really matter if the outcome is the same? 

In fact, to listen to the demands of the leftists in the streets, you’d think they were the Klan. 

“Black people can’t succeed without government help,” “They can’t get ahead without a government program,” “They’ll only end up in jail if they don’t get handouts.” Again, seemingly different motivations, but all those statements could’ve been uttered by either group.

The infantilizing of black people by the progressive left is actually worse than anything the Klan is doing because the KKK is a non-entity in American life in the 21st century. In my book, I wrote about the size of the KKK. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates there are between 5,000-8,000 members of the KKK in 2016, down from about 4 million a century earlier. That’s a huge drop – to go from millions to a rounding error smaller than the average attendance of a WNBA game as the population tripled should be cause for celebration. But leftists will tell you racists are everywhere and running the show. 

This isn’t an accident. The left has redefined the word “racist” to the point that it has no meaning. Now, simply denying that you’re racist is a sign of your racism. George Orwell is spinning so fast in his grave you could power the eastern seaboard if you hooked his coffin up to a turbine. 

Democrats didn’t change their hearts when Civil Rights legislation became law, they just changed their tactics. Segregation is still the order of the day, it’s now being advocated for in the name of multiculturalism. Still, Democrats and racists don’t believe black people are capable of taking care of themselves. Does it really matter why? 

Generations of “help” from white leftists haven’t helped, which makes you wonder if it was ever designed to? If the KKK had been in charge of social and economic policy for black Americans, what would they have done differently? They would have both funded Planned Parenthood, they would both defend failing public schools from the competition that could improve education, they’d both sit idly by communities and businesses burned and people were put out of work. 

The results would be about the same as every major majority-black city in the country that has been controlled by Democrats for generations. So, yes, maybe the motives would be different. But looking at the results, you really have to wonder if they are all that different after all.

Derek Hunter

Derek Hunter