The Trump Formula for Victory: Guns, Black Voters and the NFL

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

The Trump Formula for Victory: Guns, Black Voters and the NFL

Well, I’m sure I’ve got your attention now, with that provocative title! But I’m not kidding. I think President Donald Trump will win by an electoral landslide on Nov. 3 because of guns, black voters and the NFL. Let me explain this winning formula.

First, guns. It’s hard to believe Democrats are this clueless, blind, deaf and dumb. And I stress dumb. They’ve made the 2020 election about guns. What a huge mistake in a country dominated by gun owners.

First, a Soros-funded St Louis circuit attorney made the PR mistake of a lifetime: indicting Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their own lives and home with their legal guns. This was a PR disaster for Democrats.

For decades, conservatives like me have argued Democrats want to take all our guns away. Democrats have said, “Of course not. That’s ridiculous.” Now it’s clear to everyone that’s exactly what they want to do, not only take our guns away but also prosecute law-abiding citizens for defending our own lives, on our own property.

If this is what you want, America, please stand up. Anyone standing? I thought not.

Then, as if to scream, “You’re right. We are coming for your guns,” New York’s radical, extreme, Trump-obsessed attorney general, Letitia James, announced a lawsuit to drive the National Rifle Association out of business. She called the NRA “a terrorist organization.” Talk about negative reinforcement. These radical Marxists aren’t hiding it anymore. They’re coming for our guns — all of them. They want us defenseless as crime, robberies, murder and rioting skyrocket across the country.

You think Americans are buying that? I guess not, because in three of the past four months, record numbers of Americans tried to buy guns.

Today’s Democrats put the “d” in dumb.” At least former President Barack Obama knew enough to hide his radical intentions. Today’s Democratic Party is out of the closet. It showcases its radical Marxist agenda. It’s scaring middle-class Americans to death.

Then we come to black voters. I believe there is a black “silent minority” that strongly supports law and order. It not only doesn’t want to disband or defund police; it wants more police on their streets. 

Who makes up this black silent minority? Black business owners, black homeowners, black gun owners, black churchgoers and black families with children attending charter or religious schools. Many are Trump voters.

I also don’t believe black homeowners in the suburbs support Joe Biden’s goal of filling the suburbs with high-density, low-income housing. No one wants to buy a $500,000 home and then see its value ruined as the government builds low-income housing next door.

Anyone want to live next door to a drug den? Anyone want drug needles on the street in front of their home? This is not “racism.” It’s common sense and human nature. Black families who left dangerous, crime-ridden cities for the suburbs don’t want their home value ruined any more than you or me. Many of them will vote for Trump.

Biden’s comments on Thursday won’t help bring out the black vote either. Biden basically said he thinks the black community, with notable exceptions, has no diversity of thought. Now that’s the definition of “racism.”

The latest polls prove my gut instincts right. A new Gallop poll shows over 80 percent of black Americans do not support disbanding or defunding police. Nineteen percent want more police.

And a new Rasmussen poll finds that 83 percent of voters agree with President Trump’s decision to kill an Obama-era regulation that brings “diversity” to suburbs by building low-income housing.

I guarantee you these 80 percent and 83 percent totals include the black silent minority. You think they’ll be voting Democratic — against their own self-interest? I don’t.

If Trump merely doubles his share of the black vote from 8 percent in 2016 to 16 percent in 2020, that clinches a landslide electoral victory. Democrats will not find a path to victory if Trump gets 16 percent. A recent poll showed Trump with nearly 20 percent of the black vote.

That brings me to the NFL. The NFL just announced NFL Votes, a program to encourage NFL fans to vote. Thank you, NFL. Your players may be liberals who kneel for the national anthem, but I guarantee NFL fans are over 60 percent Trump Republicans. Your typical NFL fan is middle-aged, middle-class, macho and testosterone-driven. That’s “Trump country.” So, great job, NFL. Let’s get them out to vote!

There you have it, the Trump formula for victory: guns, black voters and the NFL.

Does Anyone Have the Courage to Indict Obama?

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root

Does Anyone Have the Courage to Indict Obama?

I recently watched a documentary about how the U.S. government finally took down the mob (aka the Mafia). For decades, the U.S. government failed miserably. Why? Because it could only catch low-level “soldiers” in the act of a crime but never the mob boss (aka The Don).

But something changed in the late 1980s. The government applied the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO Act, to the Mafia. It proved the mob acted as a “family.” And when the head of the family gave an order, he was as guilty as the “soldier” who carried it out. This allowed the government to destroy the Mafia.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off. I realized this is exactly how to indict, convict and send former President Barack Obama to prison.

I believe Obama is the biggest criminal in the history of the United States. RICO is how we get Don Obama. He was the head of a family just like the Mafia. Call it the Obama Crime Family.

Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham are playing in the minor leagues. They are going after the “soldiers” of the Obama criminal family. But they should be targeting the head of the snake: Obama. He gave all the orders. He oversaw and coordinated all the crime, extortion, theft, fraud and lies. And, of course, the biggest crime of all: spying. Some might call that treason.

It was all Obama. Just like in New York in the 1980s, it was all Paul Castellano and John Gotti of the Gambino family. The only difference is the crimes and audacity of Obama make the Gambinos look like Boy Scouts. Trust me, the Mafia has nothing on Obama.

Let’s compare the crimes of Obama vs. the Gambinos’.

Don Obama targeted, hunted, demonized, intimidated and punished his best customers (business owners and high-income taxpayers). Obama’s weapons of choice were the highest taxes and the most regulations in U.S. history. Even the Mafia treats its best customers better than this!

Unfortunately, we can’t indict Obama over that.

But Obama’s IRS crimes are a different story. Obama had his own personal government-sanctioned hit squad. Obama’s IRS thugs went after tea partiers, conservatives and groups that believed in the U.S. Constitution. Even the Mafia had more respect for the Constitution than Obama’s government gang.

Obama’s IRS thugs went after Christian charities, Catholic professors and pro-life groups. It even went after Reverend Billy Graham. The Mafia had more respect for the church than the Obama Crime Family.

A St. Louis anchorman who dared to ask tough questions of Obama said Obama’s IRS was sent to intimidate him. Even the Mafia knows never to touch the media.

Obama’s IRS targeted pro-Israel groups. Even the greatest gangsters of all-time — Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel — were always friends of Israel.

Don Obama had the IRS audit Republican donors, thereby crippling his political opposition. Even the Gambinos never figured out how to use the law to bankrupt the other Mafia families.

And, of course, Obama used the IRS to go after me personally. I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, class of ’83. My criticisms of Obama on Fox News obviously struck a chord. He clearly ordered the IRS to destroy my life.

That’s how I know Obama personally ordered “the hit” on President Donald Trump. He certainly hated Trump far more than me. Trump questioned his birth, his U.S. citizenship. Obama was out for blood.

I have no doubt Obama ordered the spying on the Trump campaign, the unmasking, the fake FISA warrant. And after Trump’s victory, Obama ordered Trump framed for Russian collusion. Obama’s loyalists leaked the Ukraine call. I have no doubt Obama directed the entire impeachment behind the scenes.

Don’t forget the many other Obama crimes: “Fast and Furious”; the fraud of Benghazi; Hillary Clinton’s erased emails; the fix to make sure the FBI exonerated Clinton; the fraud concocted on the airport runway between Bill Clinton and Obama’s attorney general; the murder of Seth Rich; the fix to make sure Clinton won the Democrat primary; and Clinton and Joe Biden’s extortion of foreign allies. I guarantee you nothing happened without the approval of Don Obama.

I need to make special mention of the Obamacare Ponzi scheme. Obama committed pure fraud when he said, “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.” That’s like a Mafia loan shark telling a business owner, “Don’t worry. Here’s your loan at 300 percent interest. You can keep your business.”

It’s time to indict Obama. He’s not above the law. He’s no better than the Gambinos. Actually, he’s worse. The Gambinos were thugs and murderers, but at least they loved America and capitalism.

My apologies for insulting the Gambinos by comparison.

Was This Our Last Fourth of July?

Was This Our Last Fourth of July?

Was this past weekend the last time we will celebrate the Fourth of July? Right now, that certainly looks possible.

In 2014, I wrote the book “The Murder of the Middle Class.” Don’t look now, but sadly … tragically … it’s really happening. The left is crazy, extreme, radical, violent and ready for civil war. The Republican right — outside of President Trump — is a bunch of pathetic wimps ready to raise the white flag. We are the closest we’ve ever been to losing America.

Have you ever seen as many spineless Republican politicians as we see today? Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group that is said to fund the Democratic National Committee. Republican Sen. Mike Braun says he supports Black Lives Matter. He also supports eliminating qualified immunity for cops. That’s the end of police in America. With Republicans like him, who needs enemies?

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney marched with Black Lives Matter. How can anyone be such a dupe?

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson, James Langford and John Cornyn want to replace the federal holiday Columbus Day with Juneteenth? Talk about spineless cowards.

We are in the midst of a war to save America, and clearly, these are not people you want in your foxhole. So, let’s ignore the Republican politicians. They’re useless. Now is the time. You either stand for America or stand against America. There is no middle ground.

It’s up to us — the people. We need to save this country. If Republican politicians are too weak, feckless, cowardly or corrupt to help us, it’s time to take the matter into our own hands. “If it is to be, it is up to me.” Screw the politicians. Get off the bench, and get in the game.

If Trump isn’t reelected, the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Pelosi-Soros cabal will quickly turn America into Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro proved how quickly it can be done. Democrats may not even need a second term. Although, with approval of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, future terms for Democrats will never be in question. The votes will have been tallied before the elections.

And Basement Biden is no moderate. He’s now a hostage of the extreme radical left. The crowd of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now owns Biden. He’s “all in” for the Green New Deal. His plan for tax increases is nearly four times bigger than Hillary Clinton’s socialist tax plan. And what was Biden’s response when asked if he supported trillions of dollars for reparations for black Americans? “Only if you include Native Americans.”

Biden will implement free health care, free college and guaranteed income; defund the police; open borders; and — his personal favorite — destroy the suburbs with high-density, low-income public housing. And that is only the start.

Wait until Democrats begin implementing the thousands of climate change rules and regulations. Democrats will close the oil and gas industries, ban private cars, spend hundreds of billions for public transportation, and ration water and power. Better start stocking up on toilet paper now. Venezuela, here we come.

Let me issue this challenge to my fellow patriotic Americans: It is time to stop being the “silent majority,” or we will soon be the “silent minority,” never to be heard from again. It is time to stand up in your church, your neighborhood, your community, your children’s school. It is time to speak the truth to family and friends.

Tell them about the Democrats’ plans to dramatically raise taxes; defund the police; eliminate bail; flood our neighborhoods with criminals and illegal aliens; flood our suburban communities with multidensity, low-income public housing; and destroy our economy with “free” everything.

Illegal aliens will have free health insurance, while you’ll pay quadruple the cost and wait a year for a doctor’s appointment.

Under Democrats, America will be a violent, lawless warzone, and you won’t have access to guns. The good people will be helpless fish in a barrel. The Democratic model will make us all Chicago; Baltimore; Detroit; Minneapolis, with 700 buildings burned to the ground; or downtown Seattle, run by a warlord.

Start preaching the gospel. Educate every person you know. But, don’t stop there. It’s time to volunteer your time. An hour a week, or two, or three, just for the next four months.

If we each make the commitment to change just a half-dozen votes or bring just a handful of Republican voters who weren’t going to vote to the polls, we will win in an electoral landslide. It’s not much to ask.

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. It’s high time for good people like you to get off the bench and get into the game. The time is now, or never.

Come Nov. 3, don’t be the one who sat on the sidelines during the most important election of our lifetime. It is up to each of us to ensure we have not just celebrated our last Fourth of July.

Wayne Allyn Root
Wayne Allyn Root